Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I got a letter from my GP today asking me to come in for a diabetes screening, and whilst it could very well be because of my family history of type 2 diabetes, I'm quite positive that it's more because I'm overweight by about 22 kilos.

I've started this journey many times. I'd like to sit here and say that this letter scared me in to doing it for real but to be honest, I'm doing it more for vanity than anything else. Summer is on it's way and I'm not prepared to suffer through the warm months feeling extremely uncomfortable, and I'm definitely not prepared for my other half to see how truly insecure I am with my body.

This is mainly about accountability. I need to be able to share this journey with someone, anyone. No-one close really takes being healthy seriously (I'm surrounded by miniature girlfriends, and a very built, fit - but very supportive - boyfriend). I guess I'm reaching out to people that understand how hard making such a big change is.

This is an anonymous blog... but just because you don't know my identity doesn't mean the words posted here aren't reflective of how I'm feeling.

I plan on losing the inches, kilos (and maybe my sanity sometimes), but not sight of my goal.